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The D.E.W.C.

Survival Solutions exclusive D.E.W.C. (Double Ended Waterproof Container)

This rugged container is made of tough plastic.  It has two separate storage compartments, each with their own screw on cap and seated 0-rings to provide a good water-tight seal.


The usefulness of this container is only limited by your imagination.  From fish hooks, line, matches, tinder, water purification tablets to anything you think you may need for an emergency/survival situation. 


Twice the size of a standard military waterproof match container, it's the perfect size to slip into a cargo pocket, ruck sack or any one of a million places you can think of. 


Designed so you can wrap parachute cord, fishing line or even "100 mile an hour tape" on the outside to make even more  space available in the inner compartments for items that really need to be protected.  Made in U.S.A.