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Seam Seal 3!

75% fewer petrochemicals than traditional seam sealers. Spreads more evenly and with more penetration into stitch holes for complete waterproofing. 2 oz. tube with applicator. 


How can you tell a NEW GUY in the field?  He's the guy with the water rings under the seams of his poncho, gore-tex gear or the puddles inside his tent.  Sometimes it takes a hard lesson to teach a person that sooner or later, a seam is bound to leak; probably at the least convenient moment.  For everything in life, there's a first time.  Just try not to make it look like it's your first time!  Seal your seams with SEAM SEAL 3 before the weather seals your fate!  MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

$3.49 ea. 

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