Survival Solutions Innovative Gear

Rain Boonie

Let's face it; there are some situations when a hood just doesn't cut it.  Unfortunately, a cold, wet, sloppy boonie hat isn't the answer either.  Introducing Survival Solutions' very own Rain Boonie, fresh off the design table!  It's made from the same waterproof, FR coated material from Duro Industries (licensed by Crye Industries) that the O.P.S.E.C. and the SWACK-SHACK are made from. 



Just perfect for those cold, rainy days when nothing else can do the job.  Remember your D.I. standing there in the rain with their campaign hats covered in their clear plastic rain covers?  It seems that they might have been on to something!  Well, you're not in boot camp any more.  You don't have to suffer through the cold rains while a D.I. stands over your shoulder enjoying your misery.  Are you tough enough to suffer through the misery?  Of course......but then, so was your D.I. ......but he wasn't suffering through anything, and you shouldn't have to either!  It's time to break that programming!!



Made to conform to any standard Boonie Hat, our Rain Boonie is just the ticket to some well deserved comfort.  It's another way to tell Mother Nature to "get bent, because you ain't quittin'"!!!  (Just remember to seam seal the Rain Boonie like you would any other piece of rain gear, as they do not come factory seam sealed.  Sooner or later, regardless of construction, all stitching will begin to wick moisture through the thread holes and need seam sealing anyway.)



Got an old, faded, lucky boonie with a different camouflage pattern than you are currently using that you can't seem to part with?  Now it can match your new multi-cam BDUs and be with you when you could really appreciate the company of an old friend the most!  Trek with confidence and comfort, out into the worst of nights, where the real wild things are.